Data privacy statement

In this data privacy statement we, Motigo GmbH & Co KG ("Motigo"), should like to explain to you how we process your personal data. We are very conscious of the importance of handling with care all personal data, which the user has passed to us and accordingly comply with all the relevant legal provisions for data protection. Our highest priority is that personal privacy should be protected. Therefore we comply with the legal provisions for data protection as a matter of course.

Responsible authority/contact

The responsible authority within the meaning of the data protection laws is:
Motigo GmbH & Co KG, Rotdornweg 6, 52355 Düren, Germany.
Should you have questions or suggestions concerning data protection, do not hesitate to contact us at


Personal data are all the information concerning personal and factual relationships of an identified or identifiable person. This includes, for example, information and details such as your name, address or other postal address, your telephone number and your e-mail address.

Intended purposes

We collect personal data only when you have provided us with them and only to the extent and for the purpose for which you sent them to us, e.g. as part of the registration process or to process the contractual relationship with our company. Therefore we use and store your personal data only when you have expressly given us your informed consent and only to the extent, to which you have given you express permission, for example in accordance with the contractual relationship with our company. These details are stored by us on a specially protected server in Germany, and all the information on your identity are collected together by us only when you have expressly provided them to us.

Data protection

We have put in place a comprehensive range of technical and organisational measures to protect your data against possible risks, such as unauthorised access or seizure, unauthorised cognisance, modification or distribution, as well as against loss, destruction or mis-use. In order to protect your personal data from unauthorised access by third parties, when the data are being transferred, we secure data transfers , where necessary by means of SSL encryption. This is a standardised encryption procedure for on-line services, in particular for the Web.

If a contractual relationship exists between “Motigo” media and the Internet user (for example in a request for a newsletter), “Motigo” media shall process and use the data collected from the user to fulfil its obligations towards the user, insofar as this is necessary for this purpose.

“Motigo” media shall collect, process and use data for purposes going beyond the transaction and fulfilment of contractual relationships or relationships resembling contractual relationships, only where it has the express informed consent of the user and only to the extent permitted by this consent. Such purposes for the most part concern marketing and use the collected data inter alia as content for market research, customer acquisition, product information or developing the company's services.

“Motigo” media relies on the double opt-in solution: the user, who has given his informed consent to the use of his data for the stated purposes, confirms this consent in a second step. In this way “Motigo” media ensures that it is this user alone who is entering the data and who is releasing the data for use by “Motigo” media. In this way “Motigo” media respects the user's right to informational self-determination.


“Motigo” media uses what are known as "cookies" to optimise the use of the Internet by the reducing the number of repetitions of advertising and increasing the proportion of content relevant to the user. Cookies are text files, which are stored on your computer and which can be used for various purposes, such as for the user-friendly configuration of the offer. However, it is not absolutely necessary that “Motigo” media uses cookies. The user can, therefore, adjust the setting of his Internet browser at any time to deactivate the cookies function or log in and out of the “Motigo” network on the following link: You can basically prevent cookies from being stored on your computer by adjusting the settings on your Internet browser to prevent the storage of such text files on your computer. In addition, you can delete cookies stored on your computer at any time. You will find support at the contact address above. Cookies are not used to collect personal data.

Motigo works with third party companies to help tailor advertising that Motigo thinks may be of interest to you based on your use of Motigo and to otherwise collect and use data about your use of Motigo. These companies may deliver ads that might also place cookies and otherwise track user behavior. These companies may use information about user behavior in order to provide customized advertisements across various services and products. In the course of providing these services, products or placing advertisements, these third party companies may place or recognize a unique cookie on your computer, and may record information to these cookies based upon your activities on a Motigo and on third party websites. Each of these companies use this cookie information according to their own privacy and security policies. If you do not wish to have this information used for the purpose of serving you targeted ads, please contact us.

The partners Motigo works with for these services are listed below and they have their own privacy statements which you should review:



Every time you visit your Internet pages usage data are transmitted by the your Internet browser and stored in log files, known as server log files. The data sets stored in this way contain the following data:
domain from which the user accessed the website
date and time of access
IP address of the computer accessing the site
website(s), which the user visited in the context of the offer
quantity of date transferred, browser type and version
operating system used
name of the Internet service provider
message, as to whether the access was successful
These log file datasets are analysed in an anonymised form, in order to improve the offer and to make it more user-friendly, to find and remove errors and to manage the capacity utilisation of servers.

Social Networks

On our website we use plug-ins for various social networks.


This website uses the following social plug-ins for the Facebook social network:
- Like button
- Share button
Facebook is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA and can be accessed on This individual social plug-ins are identified by one of the Facebook logos or with the endorsement, "Facebook social plug-in". A list showing appearance and functions of the individual plug-ins can be viewed here: When a site containing one of these social plug-ins accesses our website, a direct link is created between the browser used by you and the Facebook servers. The content of the social plug-in is transmitted directly to your browser by Facebook and linked by it into the website. Therefore, we have no influence on the extent of data collected by Facebook by means of the social plug-in and thus we can inform you only to the level of our state of knowledge: By virtue of the integration of the social plug-ins Facebook is notified that you have visited the relevant page on our website, even if you are not a registered user of Facebook and are not currently logged in to Facebook. This information, together with your IP address is transmitted from your browser to a Facebook server in the USA and stored there. According to Facebook only the anonymised IP address of non-registered users in Germany is stored. If you are logged on to Facebook, Facebook can transfer your access to our website directly to your Facebook account. Facebook receives the information about your visit to our website irrespective of whether you interact with the social plug-ins or not. If you interact with the social plug-ins, for example you activate the "Like" button or give a commentary, the relevant information will be transmitted from your browser directly to Facebook. The information is published on Facebook and displayed to your Facebook friends. The purpose and scope of data collection and the further processing and use of the data by Facebook as well as your rights in this regard and browser setting possibilities to protect your personal privacy can be found on If you are a registered user of Facebook and do not wish Facebook to collect data about you via our website and to connect it to your membership data stored with Facebook, you must log out of Facebook prior to visiting our website. Furthermore it is possible to use add-ons for your browser to block the social plug-ins, such as Facebook Blocker,


The +1 plug-in from Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA is integrated into this website; it can be identified by the +1 symbol on a white or coloured background. If you access one of the pages of our website containing this plug-in, your browser constructs a direct link to the Google servers, whereupon the content of the plug-in is transmitted to your browser and integrated by this into the website. We have no influence on the scope of content of the data, which is collected by this Google plug-in. According to information from Google, unless you click on the plug-in, no personal data can be collected. Data of this kind are collected and processed solely from logged-on Google+ members. If you are logged on to Google+ through your personal account with Google+, Google can assign your access to our website directly to this account. When you interact with plug-ins, click buttons or leave a commentary, this information is transmitted directly to Google and stored there. Furthermore, we cannot exclude that other Google services, which are integrated on our website, connect your data with your Google profile. If you wish to prevent such transmission of your data, you must log out of your Google+ or Google account prior to visiting our website. The purpose and scope of data collection and the further processing and use of the data by Google as well as your rights in this regard and browser setting possibilities to protect your personal privacy can be found on the data protection information from Google concerning the +1 plug-in on and from the FAQ, which can be accessed on


This website uses the buttons of the Twitter service, operated by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. These plug-ins can be identified by means of expressions such as "twitter" or "tweet" and by the Twitter logo. They make it possible inter alia to share an article or a page from this website on Twitter. When a user accesses a website with this kind of button, his browser constructs a direct link with the Twitter servers. The content of the Twitter buttons is directly transmitted from Twitter to the user's browser. We have, therefore, no influence on the scope of the data collected by Twitter by means of this plug-in and thus can inform the user only based on the state of our knowledge. Thereafter log-on data , such as the IP address of the user , the previously accessed website etc. is transmitted. Further information on this can be found in the Twitter data privacy statement on

If “Motigo” media uses external servers or service providers to store user data, “Motigo” media ensures that these are under at least the same obligations as “Motigo” media itself.

“Motigo” media's employees are obliged to protect data secrecy and to observe data protection provisions. This obligation includes inter alia the fact that the employees may process and use the data only insofar as it is required as part of contractual relationships or relationships, which resemble contractual relationships or to the extent that the customer has given his informed consent to the use of his data for the respective purposes. Personal data, which are no longer needed on the part of “Motigo” media to fulfil the purposes of the contract and/or for which there is no (further) informed consent for further processing and use by “Motigo” media, are deleted in a manner, which excludes any possible mis-use.

“Motigo” also collects, processes and use personal data on behalf of contractual and cooperation partners (e.g. website operators, advertising customers, agencies) for example for the purpose of generating addresses for subscription to a newsletter, product information, order etc. If “Motigo” media collects data on the basis of such a mandate, the cooperation partner is clearly identifiable at any time.

The user can in this case assert his rights solely against “Motigo” media's cooperation partner.

If “Motigo” media collects data on behalf of cooperation partners and processes and uses these data, the cooperation partner is responsible for compliance with the provisions of data protection law. In this case “Motigo” media is not responsible to the user for compliance by the cooperation partner with the provisions of data protection law. No rights or duties of any kind whatsoever arise for “Motigo” media, arising from contracts or relationships resembling contracts, which the user has concluded with a cooperation partner. “Motigo” media may have no influence, either direct or indirect, on these contracts. In this case “Motigo” media is bound by directives as regards its cooperation partner.

Of course, “Motigo” media endeavours to work only with those cooperation partners, which comply in the same way as “Motigo” media with the principles concerning data protection law set out in this statement, or which at least guarantee the standards applicable by virtue of the EU Data Protection Directive.

Other services

For some of our services your data are occasionally processed by third parties. We select the relevant suppliers with care and pass on your data only insofar as you have agreed to this and it seems necessary to us that the data be passed on.

Deletion, revocation

As regards “Motigo” media or its cooperation partners the user has rights to information regarding the data stored concerning the user and to the deletion and blocking of these data. These rights must be asserted against “Motigo” media , if “Motigo” media has collected, processed and used the user's data; these rights must be asserted against the cooperation partner, if this partner has collected, processed or used the user's data through “Motigo” media. If you should have questions on our principles concerning the provisions of data protection law or if you wish to make use of your rights concerning information on, deletion or blocking of your data, please contact us on