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Visits Hour

Here you can see how many visits your website had per hour.

Under "Page Visits“ you see a graphical representation of page visits per hour of your website.


1: In this view, you can see how many page visits per hour your website had on a given day. You can select which statistics you want to see by changing the period.


Among "Page Visits Summary" you can see how many page visits have occurred on which days.


2: The date and hour on which the page visits occurred.

3: The page visits of your website in detail again

4: The " Progress”Bar indicates how much your page visits have increased and what progress your website has made.



Tipp: You can compare different statistical values by selecting two different time periods in the above section on the page.


That way you can directly compare statistics with one another:

1: With „Select“ you can choose two different time periods.

2:  The blue bar shows you the page visits per hour for the first selected period.

3: The orange bar shows you the page visits per hour for the second selected period.


Below you can find another detailed listing of the above information.

Your Benefit 


When you know during which hours most visits occur, you can plan your promotional campaigns accordingly. That doesn’t only save money but also makes your advertising campaigns more effective.


Apart from that, you can easily detect abnormal user behavior and take immediate action.


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