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Realtime Views

This lets you see which pages of your website are being visited in real time.


Real time views is a way for you to take a peek at what’s going on right now on your website.


You can see who is on your website right now in real time or who was on your site moments ago. You are able to see which page someone visited before they left, the city they came from, their operating system and a rough estimate of how many pages of your website they visited.

1. The URL of the last page visited.

2. A graphic representation of the amount of pages visited by the user.

3. The city of the user who visited your site.

4. The OS that user used to visit your site.

5. The time (in seconds) that have passed since the visit.


Your Benefit



The ability to be able to see your visitors and their behavior in real time can be a great asset for you.

You can monitor the user behavior throughout the day and make adjustments on the go.


The detailed statistics give you the possibility to learn more about your visitors than usually possible.


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