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The Motigo Dashboard

Here you can see a detailed overview of the motigo dashboard.

The Motigo dashboard is the first thing you see as soon as you log in. There you will find all the most important info about your Motigo counter.


Let’s take a brief look at the Dashboard overview:


  1.        Page views/visits: A quick view of the page views and visits to your website.
  2.       Visitor Map: A visual representation of your website visits
  3.       Last visits: Details about your latest website visitors and their surfing behaviors.
  4.       Screen Resolution Summary: Tells you, which percentage of your visitors use a certain screen resolution.
  5.       Time Spent: A graph showing the average time spent on your website.
  6.       Counter Infos: General info about your counter.
  7.       Counter Stats Infos: A summary of the statistic information of your counters.


 Dashboard details:

At the top you can see the page views and visits to your site.

Here you can see at one glance how much traffic your website gets per day.


The blue columns display the amount of page views your website got. More page views mean that your visitors vitiated more pages on your website. A small amount of page views compared to visits could be a hint that people leave your site too quickly.  A website optimization might be necessary. You can only be sure though after taking a look at additional data.

The light blue horizontal line represents the page visits. Those are the individual people that visit your site. You can generally say that the more visits, the better you site is performing. Since quantity doesn’t mean everything, a more in-depth analysis is should be performed. Take a look at where your traffic is coming from (Country, Website, Link and so on.), how long they stay on your site and when they leave it.

All that and much more is possible with the Motigo counter. Please take into account, that not all features are available in the free version. An upgrade should be considered if you want to perform a more in-depth analysis of your website.  Online shop owners, bloggers, internet marketers and anymore in-between who wants to make money with their website or wants to offer highly customized content for their visitors will profit greatly from Motigo’s advanced features.


Click this link to Upgrade your account now.  (Link Here)


Next we would like to show you two new interesting features of the Motigo dashboard.


The Visitor Map is a graphical representation of the visits to your website. This is what it looks like:

You can quickly see at one glance which parts of the World your audience is coming from. When you hover over the little red symbols with your mouse, additional details are displayed. Those include the exact date and time of the visit, the ISP, country and state. That’s some valuable information for any website owner.


Of course you can zoom in on the map and see in much greater detail where your visitors are coming from.

Let’s move over to the next element on the dashboard.

Hier lassen sich weitere Details zu den Besuchern und Seitenaufrufen einsehen.


  •       The URL shows you, which exact page of your website was visited.
  •       Visitdepth tells you, how many pages of your website a visitor has seen. The longer the blue bar, the more pages they have seen. This way you can get a rough estimate about the popularity of your website
  •       Time tells you how long they have been on your website.


As you can see, the Motigo dashboard gives you some very useful statistics.


Let’s move over to the next element on the dashboard.


The interesting part about this statistic is that you can immediately see which screen resolution your visitors are using.


Why is this so important?



Your Benefit



Let’s say you have an online shop where you sell your products. You could optimize the content on your website, so that the visitors with different screen sizes have an optimal viewing experience.


A different example would be that the majority of your users use small devices (smartphones or Tablets) to visit your website. If you run Facebook ads, you can choose to only display your ads on mobile devices. Not only does that save you money but it also makes your ads so much more effective




The time people spend on your website can be a good indicator for the performance of your site.


The Motigo counter makes it extremely easy for you to keep an eye on the time people spend on your website.


Basic counter information is displayed here. Like the URL of your counter, the language and a short description.



Here you can see a summary of all the most important statistical data of your counter. The visitor stats of today, yesterday and since the counter was created. 

Apart from that you can also see on which days you had the most and the least visits.

Hopefully you have an idea of what the Dashboard is capable of showing you.

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