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Counters And Code

An overview of the motigo counter code and how to install it.


Here you can see a list of the Motigo counters you have created. You have the option to create a new one, edit an existing one or view the source code of your counters.


You can change the design of each of your counters too.


  1.        Click this button to get started creating a Motigo Counter.
  2.       The titles of your counter.
  3.       The URL of the website where your counter is installed.
  4.       The date of the counter creation.
  5.       The visit count of your active counters.
  6.       Here you can view the code of your counter or change its design.
  7.       Here you can edit an existing counter.
  8.       Click here to delete an existing counter.



Now we would like to show you the creation process of a counter in this short example.



It is a lot easier than it looks to create a Motigo counter.


Everyone can have access to the most advanced web counter with Motigo.


Once you are done, simply click on “Create


Now all that’s left to do is to install the source code of the counter on your website and you are ready to go!



Here you can see the code of your Motigo counter and change its visual appearance.


Let’s take a look:


  1.        The name of your counter.
  2.       Here you can choose between four different designs.
  3.       Here you can copy your counter code to paste it on your website.
  4.       General info about your Motigo counter.
  5.       Some more detailed statistics of your counter, such as todays and yesterday’s views and the creation date of the counter.



On the next page you will find a

short guide that will help you out.



You will need to install the counter code in the “Footer” section of your website. This is what it looks like:


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